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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Phantom of the Opera

06 Phantom of the Opera!

April 19th and 20th! (We spread our tickets over two days to avoid conflicts!)

Ticket sales:
Tickets $10, limit 2 per 2006 ID

Tickets are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE and will be sold on the following days WHILE THEY LAST:

Monday 4/11 from 8 - 9 AM in LOBBY 10!!! This early booth is so we are fair to everyone.

Mon 4/11 from 11 AM - 4 PM
Tues 4/12 from 12 AM -4 PM
Wed 4/13 from 12 AM - 3 PM

Class of 2006 Sweatshirts and Girl's Shorts will be available at the Tuesday and Wednesday booths.


Please note that SEATING IS ASSIGNED based on the order that you buy your tickets. If you want to sit next to certain people, then you should BUY YOUR TICKETS AT THE SAME TIME.

-When and where is the show?

You may choose to attend one of the following shows:
7:30pm on Tuesday, Apr. 19
7:30pm on Wednesday, Apr. 20

Both shows will be at The Opera House in Boston, located on 539 Washington Street in Boston.

The show will begin at 8:00, but it is STRONGLY suggested that you get there earlier.

=======Information regarding the night of the show=======
Doors to the theatre open forty minutes prior to curtain. Latecomers arriving after the curtain has gone up will be held in the outside theatre lobby and seated at the discretion of the theatre manager at the appropriate point in the performance. Please be aware that there is also a seating hold at the start of Act Two.

No photography or recording of any kind (audio or video) is allowed in the theatre. Smoking is not permitted in the theatre building.